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Why should you opt for Custom Software Development for your big idea?

Off-the-shelf solutions are becoming more inefficient with the diverse and unique demands of different businesses. Therefore, many companies around the world are opting for custom software in order to address their technological needs. We will discuss the advantages of custom software development and help you decide if you should opt for one but let’s see what exactly is custom software development.

Websites are the second most fundamental part of an organization aside from the product

Digital Transformation has changed the way businesses draft out their quarterly or yearly goals for generating more revenue. Conventional methods for growing the sales of a product are no longer applicable as more and more people are relying on social media platforms and SEO strategies to boost their revenues. The fundamental part of these campaigns revolves around the brand website where the user is redirected to learn more about the brand and the services it provides.

The top 8 Technology Trends to look out for in 2019-20

Technology is currently evolving so quickly that annual trend predictions may seem outdated, even before they go live as a posted blog or article. As technology progresses, it allows even faster change and progress, causing the rate of change to rise to an exponential degree. The IT personnel must keep an eye on the future of technology to help companies grow through a constant apprenticeship to keep pace with the technological trends.

The UI/UX of your Ecommerce website may be the cause of low sales

The major success of Ecommerce businesses lies in customer satisfaction and the ability to get high quality products delivered well in time. While many of the new comers in the business are able to bring a vast catalogue of products, but majority of them are not able to appeal to the user with the design of the website from where they are selling their product.

The future of smart cities relies hugely upon adoption of IoT in homes

Smart cities will be the future as the internet bridges together all devices no matter what size they are off towards a single connected world. From automated lights to small robot cleaners to smart locks, there are endless areas where IoT devices could be integrated for a smarter and connected world which can be controlled by your handheld device. These smart cities will only become a reality if the mass consumer market adopts the IoT devices starting from their homes and workplaces.

Medical sectors need to utilize Cloud Computing for better patient management

The medical sector may be using software and tech in the diagnosis of patients but as far management of hospital records and patient history is concerned, many hospitals and clinics are far from using a single standard. One wonders why such a vast field has no methods for data communication between hospitals and a uniform format which is acceptable in different hospitals for a patient.

Hybrid vs Native vs Custom - Which app is best for your business?

After 20 years of the launch of the first smartphone, it has become a vital part of our daily lives as well as the apps associated with it. Mobile apps have been developed for all kinds of services and industries for communication, entertainment, organization, scheduling, assistance in daily life tasks or business or job work. Anything that you can imagine a smartphone can do is already available in the form of a mobile application.

How the concept of Uber can be applied to the simplest of daily tasks

Uber is a simple concept and here we are not essentially talking about the ride-hailing service rather the idea that made it so popular and successful in the world. A few years ago, it was impossible for anyone to imagine riding with a complete stranger to get to a workplace or go shopping or out to a restaurant. Now everyone is ditching their vehicles and going on Uber, Lyft or Careem to get to their desired place.

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